I'm undertaking a series of small challenges to apply stuff that I have been learning. I'm naming the series "Didactica", based on the word "didactic" which means "in the manner of a teacher" (more or less). I guess I should name it "Auto Didactica" (self teacher).

So I post things here as I learn them. Could be anything - chord progressions, orchestration exercises, music for micro films, new software, whatever. 

WeeklyBeats2014, Week 5, Cue 3: Corridor 31

Suspenseful scene cue. For this one, I also built an aural scene using foley efx.

WeeklyBeats2014, Week 3, Cue 2: In the Park

A cue for a short light romantic sequence.

WeeklyBeats2014, Week 2, Cue 1: The Hunt

A cue for a short action scene or trailer. 

Same cue, without the soprano voice (i.e., the violins). A few mistakes in the lower strings are more apparent, but I like this version also.

Didactica 102713-1223

Objectives: Learn how to set up a scoring project for film. Learn how to use markers. Learn how to adjust tempo to match film hits. Write a piece that modulates from a major key to minor key and back. (In this case DMaj - Bmin - DMaj.) Write something "appropriate" that creates a mood consistent with the imagery.