"Finishing" a song for WeeklyBeats2014: Week 2, Cue 1

Well, I finally "finished" a song.

The forcing function was WeeklyBeats2014. From their site:

Starting on Monday Dec 30th 2014 00:00:00 GMT (12am), Weeklybeats Members will be allowed to upload 1 song per each week of the year. At the end of the week the upload counter on the home page will restart and all submissions from the previous week will become available for listening and downloading. Members are encouraged to create a new unreleased song for each given week (of course you may submit your song elsewhere as you hold all rights to your content, but it spoils the fun if you release it before hand!)

The objective of Weeklybeats is to encourage musicians to be productive, creative, and have fun!

This time limitation is reminiscent of the SoundCloud group Disquiet Junto that I all too briefly participated in last year. (Junto is different inasmuch as, in addition to the one week time constraint, it also presents a compositional challenge each week created by its moderator Marc Weidenbaum.)

I had a lot of fun participating in Junto early last year, and did so pretty consistently for almost 2 months before life (work mostly) got in the way. However, the constraints were truly liberating and I was very productive relative to my norm. 

So I came across WeeklyBeats2014 and I got a crazy idea: I'm trying to learn to write this (epic) orchestral stuff, and there's this weekly "challenge". Why not combine the two to force me to write a LOT of this stuff over the year. There are few better ways to learn, than to just "do" and do a lot. If I can do this, at the end of the year, I'll have 50+ short cues.

I'm going to have to work really hard at this....

I'm going to have to work really hard at this....

Yeh. That's the thing. I set out with a similar lofty goal for Junto last year. What will make this time out different? Strip away all of the platitudes and brave talk and the truth is: I'm not sure. But I know I have to try. 

OK. Enough. Here is the piece I uploaded to WeeklyBeats2014.

My next post will go into how I put this piece together last week....

Didactica update...

So, I'm in to my next project. The focus has changed a little. Instead of "scoring" a faux trailer ("The Eternals"), I've taken a detour into deconstructing the music from a different faux trailer's epic orchestra cue. I am trying to deconstruct the music cue to this trailer so I can build a copy...not a perfect copy or anything but something that captures the "gestalt" of the piece.


Well, I've read that one of the best ways to learn is to tear apart a composition you like and try to recreate it. There is truth to this as I feel like I've indeed learned some things...but its a hard slog and can be quite humbling/frustrating.

Anyway, more on the nitty gritty later. Below is a screenshot from one of my monitors.

Faux trailer deconstruction in progress w/ Cubase 7.5 no less.