I'm undertaking a series of small challenges to apply stuff that I have been learning. I'm naming the series "Didactica", based on the word "didactic" which means "in the manner of a teacher" (more or less). I guess I should name it "Auto Didactica" (self teacher).

So I post things here as I learn them. Could be anything - chord progressions, orchestration exercises, music for micro films, new software, whatever. 

Didactica 102713-1223

Objectives: Learn how to set up a scoring project for film. Learn how to use markers. Learn how to adjust tempo to match film hits. Write a piece that modulates from a major key to minor key and back. (In this case DMaj - Bmin - DMaj.) Write something "appropriate" that creates a mood consistent with the imagery.

Comments: I'm trying to learn the mechanics of scoring to film. I put together some random video clips that I downloaded from my VideoBlocks account and proceeded to try to write to picture. I ultimately used Digital Performer for this. I say ultimately because I started out in Logic X then moved to Cubase7. And although both of those were very serviceable, DP blows them both out of the water when it comes to scoring facilities.

Now in truth, at my level of relative unsophistication about this stuff, any of them would have been fine. However, there are a number of things in DP's workflow toolbox that I think gives it an edge as things get more complicated. (Things like frame accurate video, neat tempo calculators, and chunks.) I've owned DP for a while and have had an on again, off again relationship with it. I think our relationship has "hotted up" again.

Special Thanks to Eli Krantzberg whose DP tutorial videos over at Groove3 are invaluable.