Didactica update...

So, I'm in to my next project. The focus has changed a little. Instead of "scoring" a faux trailer ("The Eternals"), I've taken a detour into deconstructing the music from a different faux trailer's epic orchestra cue. I am trying to deconstruct the music cue to this trailer so I can build a copy...not a perfect copy or anything but something that captures the "gestalt" of the piece.


Well, I've read that one of the best ways to learn is to tear apart a composition you like and try to recreate it. There is truth to this as I feel like I've indeed learned some things...but its a hard slog and can be quite humbling/frustrating.

Anyway, more on the nitty gritty later. Below is a screenshot from one of my monitors.

Faux trailer deconstruction in progress w/ Cubase 7.5 no less.