Why work with a collective of composers (instead of just one)?

As we work toward our formal launch this Fall, I've been asked in several introductory meetings, "What's the advantage of working with your group? I could just hire one person and get on with it."

Let's address this in reverse order. You absolutely could hire someone and get on with it. And if you find a composer who does the quality of work you want, can cover the musical styles you need, and is equally capable in executing the music/audio/transcriber/engraver roles necessary for a project, then you should by all means hire him or her. (And please pass the contact information on to us. Such a multifaceted individual is quite a find!) 

At the end of the day though it's about getting the right music or audio support for your project. Rather than link the possibilities of your score or audio solution to the strengths and weaknesses of a single composer or audio designer, SoundWareMedia (SWM) offers a "creative collective" that can pull from a team of composers and audio professionals fluent in many musical styles. 

So, to answer the first question, what are the advantages of working with a group like SWM?

  1. Our team's experience and musical styles run the gamut, and we can work seamlessly and interchangeably on a project. 
  2. We save you time and money by assembling the right music and audio professionals, with the right skills, ready at the right times for your production. 
  3. We save you the hassle of locating, contracting with, and managing multiple creatives for your project. 

Your chances for success increase when you can draw from an experienced pool of creatively diverse talent. We can insure that your music and audio creative needs are met by one or more individuals skilled specifically in the genres required for your project while insuring the coherent creative direction of the team. We furnish a set of outstanding and talented resources designed specifically to meet your needs, while providing our composers, artists, and technicians an opportunity to focus on what they do (and enjoy) best. The result is better music and audio assets and faster content development - and all created specifically for your project.

We will post our portfolio and artist profiles soon so you can get a sense of what I mean.

Until then, Cheers!