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Past. Present. Future. Scores
Past. Present. Future. Music
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The Ville

Game Trailer - Roger Hooper

Supplement Superstores

TV Spot (30s) - Tyler Wilkens

The Cosmonaut

Short Film - Roger Hooper

Moebius Empire


Game - Robert Holmes


Book Trailer - Roger Hooper

Rainbow Crow

Short Animation - Tyler Wilkens

Temporal Beyond

Short Film - George Napier

Mach One Mac

Documentary - Roger Hooper

Armored Fury 

Game Trailer - Roger Hooper

The Will

Documentary - Roger Hooper

Rosetta Stone

TV Spot (30s) - Roger Hooper

American Dreaming

Documentary (WIP) - George Napier

Fighting the Sky

Film - Tyler Wilkens

Trust Love

Short Film - Tyler Wilkens